Our Crew

We believe that the NFT space can be quite a risky place, especially with anonymity. This is why we have decided to dox ourselves (the founders) and be completely transparent. We have nothing to hide and we are passionate about growing an organic, intentional community.

Hawtch (Founder) - Daniel Hotchkiss

Graphic Designer, Artist, & Philanthropist for 12+ years.

In his spare time he walks his two beloved puppies or is spending time playing D&D with his wife and friends.

Legend (Founder) - Darren B

Coffee Enthusiast, Barber, Entrepreneur. “I’m not yelling, I’m just from Boston.”

MadNinety (Founder) - Chris A.

Medical Student-to-be-Doctor, NFT Enthusiast and Husband. Past experiences include being a Biology Teacher and participating in various Catholic/Christian Leadership/Music roles.

Louisiana (Founder) - Terry

My name is Terry I am about to be 52 Years old. I live in New Orleans, LA so that means I love creole food, fishing 3-5 days a week in the summer. When I am not helping domestic violence victims I am trading nfts and spending time on my island on the North Shore of Lake Ponchatrain. I have been an executive, a police officer and finally retired when I sold my construction business in Seattle several years back. I write poetry, songs and mostly about my service in the USMC and war. I love Bad Aliens and Trooprz but have been known to flip a few tird NFTS too. Love you all like family.

Matthew Paquette (Dev, Animator, Socials)

Professional Video Editor, Animator and Developer. Verified on Twitter. Worked for famous Youtubers, Celebrities, and companies.
(Ryan Reynolds, Star Wars, Fortnite, PUBG, etc).

Mordof (Dev)

Web, Security, Automation, and video game development.

Pretty much the whole package when it comes to back end development.

EmDaisy1 (Mod) - Emma

Full-time mom, full-time geek. You’ll catch her online while her toddler sleeps… she may also be sneaking in gaming or anime while she chats. She has several years of experience moderating online communities.

Deron Carlis (DAO Member & Sponsor)

Kansas City Based fighter that has been competing in Mixed Martial Arts for 10 years. Former US Army infantrymen and college football player. Over the last year I have found a love for all these NFT/Crypto related. Started off as just a collector now getting into the NFT creation side as a team member of this awesome project.

Zappa (Mod) - Jason

An Engineer, Crypto Miner, and an avid gamer who spends waaaay too much time playing Halo Infinite, CS:GO, and Eve Online.

AFastHero - Rank Master

Dad and husband for sure, still figuring out the rest! Musician, motorcycle enthusiast and tennis amateur. Analytical by nature and to a fault. Intrigued by datasets, psychology, philosophy and spacetime. Bitcoin maxi-ish and CRO fanboy, lover of all things crypto!