This is an Urgent Message from the Alpha-Centauri Galactic Station!

Come in B.A.D Ship! Please return to the docking bays immediately. We have found navigation issues that need to be updated immediately.
P.S: There will coffee, donuts and Spacebags available in the docking bay upon your return.

Upon launch an unexpected error occurred in the calculation of certain baby alien yield bonuses. It’s not a huge deal, but this effected baby aliens giving +50% and +75% respectively as they were rounded down in the code.

Everything runs smoothly, we simply need to make this small fix. UNFORTUNATELY, the only way to truly fix this is to redeploy the staking contract… thus, “THE GREAT UNSTAKENING”.

We know this is inconvenient and frustrating, as you all have recently staked. 

We will be reimbursing all CRO used to stake and more, giving shinies to compensate for weekly yield and 1 free Spacebag.

Crew Assembly

Spaceship Status